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Hailey Quirk

I cannot express how in love with my dress I am. This dress was a top contender very early on in my search, and even after trying on 60+ dresses in multiple states, I could not get my mind off of Pia. Cristina was beyond wonderful to work with, she answered all of my questions very promptly, and I knew that I had to go for it. From there, I did a little stalking and contacted a few ladies that had also purchased dresses from Amelia Sposa, and I felt confident that this wasn't a scam. I decided to go with a stock size off of their chart because of the return policy, and the size chart was very accurate, and luckily for me, very close to my size!! I did wear a mermaid petticoat under it to help show off it's gorgeous shape at the bottom. I found an amazing alterations lady to fit it perfectly to me, and let me tell you all- literally every single person I know has told me how stunning my dress was. I am a fan for life, and will wear this dress around the house for as long as I can still fit into it!! If you are considering purchasing... DO IT!!! I cannot rave enough about this dress!!